Jelly co-working spaces are great places to meet other people

Jelly co-working spaces are great places to meet other people

Shropshire is such a friendly place, wherever you are, there’s usually someone to talk to – shopping, walking, sitting in a café – and Shropshire Jelly co-working days provide an opportunity to meet people whilst you are working.

There are lots of people who work from home in Shropshire, some are self-employed, some work for big companies but work remotely from home most of the time – and there are authors, students, actors, consultants, who don’t go to work in an office with other people every day.

Jelly co-working spaces are great places to meet other people, but still get on with some work.  Have a chat over coffee, share current news over lunch and find out a bit more about the county we live in and what’s going on where.

Jelly days are regular events – Shrewsbury Jelly is held on the second Thursday of the month and alternates between The Alb and the Loopy Shrew.  Whitchurch Jelly is held on the first Tuesday of the month at Holly Farm Garden Centre.  All Jelly spaces have free wi-fi. The Coffee Barn at Holly Farm Garden Centre has excellent (Aroma) coffee and tea, delicious lunches (including Maynards ham) and locally home-made cakes.

Your environment can have a big impact on your work – I have always thought that florists have a lovely time always working with flowers.  At Whitchurch Jelly you are surrounded by plants – nature’s natural essence envelopes you when you walk into an area full of flowers, it’s not just the heady mixture of the mingling scents of the flowers, the plants themselves have a greenness that radiates tranquillity and calm.

Holly Farm has many beautiful and interesting plants, shrubs and trees – deliciously-scented roses, and an endless variety of colourful perennials like penstemons – beautiful cottage garden plants, with lots of different shades to choose from – as well as being simple to grow – plant in a sheltered spot and you will be rewarded with a long lasting show of flowers for years to come.

Just browsing in a garden centre can be very therapeutic – discovering unusual plants and imagining them in your garden, finding lots of ideas for brightening up the garden.   There’s something satisfying about strolling along rows and rows of plants -properly watered and cared for.  It’s also a great opportunity to ask Jonathan Allen any gardening questions – like why my hanging baskets were looking a bit tired – regular watering and feeding is the answer.

The Coffee Barn is a great location for Whitchurch Jelly – if you have recently moved to Shropshire, it’s a good place to find out what’s on locally and where to find things.  Holly Farm sponsor Blackberry Fair every year (first Saturday in October).  Jelly days are a mine of information.  The next Whitchurch Jelly is on Tuesday, 5th September, 10.00 am – 3.00 pm but you don’t have to stay all day, call in for a coffee and see what co-working is like.  Jelly co-working days are free to attend.

Published in the August editions of the Whitchurch Gossip and Drayton Gossip