Shrewsbury Jelly – Work, chat, collaborate….

Shrewsbury Jelly – Work, chat, collaborate….

For the many people in Shropshire who are self-employed, those who have an office at home, or who work alone a lot of the time, Jelly co-working days offer a chance to get out and work alongside other people for a change.

It’s good to have somewhere to go, a reason to get up on time and get dressed properly (PJs are often much too comfortable if you’re home alone – as long as you’re not expecting a delivery!)  Co-working is an opportunity to discuss what’s happening in the world over coffee and cake – it’s nice to choose lunch from the menu and have something delicious made for you.

I’ve met all sorts of people at Jelly days – people new to the area, or just starting their own business, who have recently become ‘outsourced’ – instead of working in a busy office – artists, architects, engineers, consultants – people who are employed by a London office but work remotely most of the time.

Shrewsbury is an amazing town, get the bus or train in and walk along the river; I noticed today how tall some of the houses are – and how the town stands on a hill with the castle guarding the station, watching over the river as it bends protectively around the town.

Shrewsbury Jelly meets on the second Thursday of the month either at the Loopy Shrew or The Alb. Both have excellent coffee, a choice of afternoon teas, delicious cakes and scrumptious lunches.  All you need is a laptop.

For more information and to book visit and search for Shrewsbury Jelly.

To book for Shrewsbury Jelly at The Alb on 8th November, 2018 12.00 noon – 5.00 pm  go to:

Published in the November edition of the Whitchurch Gossip