Do you work yourself? Is your business based at home? Jelly Coworking could be for you.

Do you work yourself? Is your business based at home?  Have you ever thought about having a day working alongside other homeworkers?  Chance for a chat over coffee and lunch – and still catch up with emails and paperwork? 

Jelly co-working days provide an opportunity for homeworkers – and indeed anyone who fancies a change of scenery – to work alongside other people, in a comfortable, friendly, informal place, with free Wi-Fi and tea, coffee and lunch made for you.

Whitchurch Jelly meets at the Coffee Barn at Holly Farm Garden Centre on the first Tuesday of every month.  Shrewsbury Jelly meets on the second Thursday of the month and alternates between The Alb and The Loopy Shrew.

June is strawberry season – long summer evenings, sipping wine or elderflower champagne (for recipe visit, home-made scones with strawberries and cream in the sunshine, serenaded by songbirds, busy bees buzzing diligently from flower to flower, roses and honeysuckle mingling with the scent of newly mown grass – and Holly Farm Garden centre has everything to make your little patch of Shropshire full of life – vibrant colours and heavenly scents – and a haven for wild birds and insects.  Take time out browsing the wide selection of basket and bedding plants, herbs, lavenders, roses and perennials and take some colour home for your garden – and don’t forget to pick some fruit before you leave – strawberries, raspberries, redcurrants and gooseberries – they all make delicious jams and country wines.

Jelly days provide an opportunity to discuss the tennis, the recent election results (by the time you read this we will probably have some different MPs in The House of Commons), local events like The Party in The Park in Whitchurch – and preparations for Blackberry Fair  If you have recently moved to Shropshire, Jelly days are a mine of information, jelly organisers usually have an excellent knowledge of the local area, what’s going on in Shropshire and local helpful people from chimney sweeps to piano tuners.

Jelly days are promoted on Twitter and you can find updates on @JellyShropshire on along with information on local events and breaking news stories.

The next Whitchurch Jelly is on Tuesday, 4th July – Independence Day.  Whitchurch Jelly is 10.00 am – 3.00 pm but you don’t have to stay all day, call in for a coffee and see what co-working is like.  Jelly co-working days are free to attend.  For further information visit:

Published in the June edition of the Whitchurch Gossip magazine

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