Spring is in the Air at Shropshire Jelly

Jelly – Work, chat, collaborate…. Spring is in the Air

Feel like a change from working from home?  Fancy a chat over a cup of coffee and some company whilst you are working?  Join me for a day co-working at The Coffee Barn at Holly Farm Nurseries.  10.00am – 3.00pm on the first Tuesday of the month – next one 7th March.

Of course you can visit the Coffee Barn and enjoy light lunches and homemade cakes any day of the month – Holly Farm Nurseries are open 9.00 am – 5.30 pm 7 days a week and have a wonderful selection of locally grown plants, trees and shrubs.

Now is the time to start planning your garden, stock up on potting compost and fertilizer and (my favourite spring task) choose from all the seed packets which plants you are going to grow yourself – and which plants you might buy in already sprouted.

For years I have struggled to grow sweet peas from seed with varied success, then my sister started buying plants instead of seeds and my sweet peas last year were much earlier and much more successful – except that I was in a hurry buying them so one of the trays I bought were dwarf sweet peas and didn’t do justice to the trellis I provided for them!

So take your time browsing through all the seeds and choosing your favourite varieties of plants – Holly Farm has a great selection of bedding plants and lots of perennials that will transform your garden year after year.  If you are thinking of growing some fruit, Holly Farm has some unusual soft fruit varieties like jostaberries, boysenberries and tayberries.  There is also a comprehensive selection of fruit trees, ornamental trees and shrubs, climbing plants and herbs – lots of ornamental pots and tubs to grow them in too.

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