Jelly – Work, chat, collaborate…. at Holly Farm Garden Centre

Jelly – Work, chat, collaborate….


The clocks go forward, the evenings are getting lighter and summer is just around the corner.  The daffodils are out, the sun is shining and (despite the rain, the wind and the hailstones) spring is in the air.

I find it quite hard to work inside when it’s sunny outside and the garden beckons.  At Whitchurch Jelly however it’s like working in the middle of a garden – surrounded by plants and flowers – and the smell of Aroma coffee and Maynard’s bacon sandwiches of course!

The Coffee Barn is an ideal location for co-working – and for meeting people.  Anyone can drop in for a coffee and stay for as long as they wish.  I am often joined by Chris who runs Shrewsbury Jelly and lots of different people enjoy a day out of the home/ office and a change of scenery.  There’s an excellent selection of lunches – and home-made cakes to go with afternoon tea.

Spring is the time for buying seeds and planting the first vegetables and Holly Farm Garden Centre provides the ideal opportunity to choose what to grow this year.  There’s a selection of spring bedding plants, a full range of vegetable, herb and flower seeds, and lots of trees and shrubs – nearly all locally grown.


I’ve found a really useful Facebook group called Allotment growers uk that have some really innovative ideas – like using a mosquito net instead of fleece to prevent carrot fly and ‘will thermal bricks work in the polytunnel?’  They also discuss all sorts of gardening issues like which weeds are edible (I think I’ll eat weeds in future, they grow better than vegetables!)  I’m not that keen on eating weeds (although I did cook nettles once and told the family it was spinach).  However, my chickens and rabbits do like weeds, chicks love chickweed and my rabbits eat lots of plants like groundsel as well as dandelions, comfrey, sorrel and shepherd’s purse – more on my website

Whitchurch Jelly also provides an opportunity for answers to all your gardening questions, Jonathan Allen is always happy to provide gardening advice – such as what plants will thrive in the shade – and which vegetable varieties are likely to do best in your particular soil.

There are now 4 Jelly Days in Shropshire – in Whitchurch, Oswestry, Shrewsbury and Telford. If you would like to join us, it’s free – to find out more – and to book – visit and search for Jelly in Shropshire.

Whitchurch Jelly: 1st Tuesday of the month. Next one Tuesday, 3rd May, 10.00 am – 4.00 pm at The Coffee Barn, Holly Farm Garden Centre, Prees, SY13 2DD

Published in the April, 2016 edition of the Whitchurch Gossip

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