Shropshire Jelly 2016

Shropshire Jelly

Since the very first Shropshire Jelly co-working day at Coalport in April, 2010, Shropshire Jelly has had its ups and downs and moved around a bit but there are now 4 Jelly days in different parts of the county.

Jelly is a casual co-working event, where freelancers, home workers and people running small businesses can meet up in order to get out of their normal space, meet some new people and work together in a social environment. It’s a mixture of work, chat, comparing of ideas, passing on tips – and signposting – if you have just moved to Shropshire it’s a great way to find out what’s on and where to go for help with things like starting a business.

Jelly started in NYC in February 2006 when two freelancers were talking about the benefits of working from home, but realised that they missed the creative brainstorming, sharing, and camaraderie of a traditional office (but not the office politics!) So they started inviting other freelancers to bring their laptops and work together one day a week. They soon found that working with new and interesting people resulted in new ideas and interesting conversations. The name? They were eating Jelly beans at the time!

Most Jelly-goers are entrepreneurs or freelancers, others work in an office most of the time, but work at Jelly for fresh ideas and a change of pace. No matter what you do or what you create, you’re welcome to go to Jelly days and share your knowledge and learn from others.

Jelly is free to attend and open to everyone, designers, developers, artisans, musicians, cooks, translators, photographers, writers, consultants – all have found Jelly co-working days beneficial and there are now Jelly events all over the world.

Jelly started in the UK in the autumn of 2009 when Lee Cottier set up events in the Bristol area. Judy Heminsley was also a pioneer Jelly organiser, and the Jelly section of her website has been used by many of the 50 plus groups now meeting regularly from Edinburgh to Plymouth and North Wales to Norwich.

Since its inception at Enterprise HQ in Coalport, Telford Jelly has moved around but has recently been reinstated at Brodie House in Telford on the third Thursday of the month, 10.00 am – 5.00 pm followed by FSB networking at Meeting Point House which starts at 5.30pm. Tea and coffee making facilities are available for a small donation and you can bring your own lunch – or take a lunch break and browse all the mouthwatering choices in Southwater Square.

There are also Jelly days in Shrewsbury, Whitchurch and Oswestry; for full information and to book visit and search for ‘Jelly’ in Shropshire.

Shrewsbury Jelly is run by Chris Smith and is held on the 2nd Thursday of the month – alternating between The Alb (near Shrewsbury bus station) and the Quirky Coffee & Gift Shop (11 Fish Street, at the bottom of the Bear Steps, SY1 1UR).

Whitchurch Jelly is held at The Coffee Barn at Holly Farm Garden Centre on the A49 at Prees on the first Tuesday of the month, 10.00 am – 4.00 pm but you don’t have to stay all day, call in for a coffee and see what co-working is like.

Oswestry Jelly is run by Harriet Brookes and is held on the last Thursday of the month at the Baby Bird Café.

Jelly days are free to attend and all offer free Wi-Fi but where events are held in a café, Jelly-goers are expected to buy coffee and lunch during the day.


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